Fragrance of the Roses No.123

Date: 9月24日(日)お昼12:00〜

  • 12:00 pm on Sunday, September 24 (JST)
  • 8:00 pm on Saturday, September 23 (PDT)

DJ     Lucy Takakura
Host SadakoRing Gackt


Bare Rose Anniversary Special Stage



mariarose Otsuka
Shiruviana Relph
yuika Waco
yumine Xue
Naomi Yamabushi (Guest Model )
LaDuke Creber
chi Okey
crow Corvale
Kei Lyric
Hinamori Namori
Pikacyu Clip
Lucy Takakura



Fragrance of the Roses No.123」への1件のコメント

  1. Wеlll boys,? Mommy finally staated after theyd come uup with a
    number of silly ideas of ᴡhat God did for fun, ?What God actually likes is when folkѕ love one another and maintain each other ⅼike we do in our family.?That made sense to
    Leee and Larry so Lee huɡged Mommy and Larry hugged ɗadɗʏ to only make God haⲣpy.


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